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Welcome to Summer Camp in Toivonlinna

Welcome to Vineyard Finland Summer Camp, which will take place in Piikkiö's Toivonlinna from June 29 to July 2, 2023.


Registration for the camp has closed.

As a day visitor (own snacks, grill and kitchen available) you can come without registration.

Daily price: 25 euros / adult and child/youth 15 euros

Event wristbands can be redeemed at the information desk located in the main building.


Address: Toivonlinnantie 630, 21500 Piikkiö

Those arriving by car, please drive to the marked parking lot, which is located behind the main building. For safety reasons, you are not allowed to drive in front of the main building.

Those coming with motor home, please drive past the main building towards the grass field, where the electricity poles are found

By public transport. Toivonlinna can be reached either by bus via Turku or by train to Kupittaa (Turku railway station closed) and from Kupittaa take bus 703 or 706 to Piikkiö. On Sundays, bus 706 goes from Piikkiö to Kupittaa at 10:50 a.m. and at 3:55 p.m. Turku region's local bus timetables can be found at

REGISTRATION (main building, lobby)

Registration, event wristband, food tickets and guidance on accommodation at the information desk. The information desk is open on Thursday from 14:00 to 18:30. At other times, contact Tarja Parttimaa, tel. 050-520 3367

Please keep your wristband in your hand throughout the camp!


The accommodation is located in the A and B dormitory of the main building, in double rooms on three floors. There is no cooling in the rooms, so bring your own fan if necessary. There are no blackout curtains in the rooms. The main building has an elevator and the main doors are open 24 hours.

The full board does not include sheets and towels, so please bring your own sheets, unless you have reserved them when registering.

Before handing over the room, please note that you take your own belongings, the windows of the room are closed and the trash bag in the room has been taken to the trash in the hallway.

The main building has leisure facilities where you can play e.g. billiards, table tennis and various board games.

The common shower facilities on the ground floor of the dormitory are always open.

Those coming with motor home drive past the main building towards the grass field, where the electricity poles are found.

The campers (tents) stay in the place assigned to them, which is located near the beach sauna.

Campers have access to the shower and lounge including kitchen of the beach sauna, the door of which is marked on the area map.



Meals are arranged in the canteen of the main building for those who have full board or individual meal tickets.

There are small kitchens in the dormitory with a stove, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher.

There is a kitchen area for campers in the sauna building.

There are grills for general use next to the sauna building and Villa Junghäll. Bring your own grill tongs.

The campfire site connected to the sauna building is not in use during the forest fire warning.

KIOSK (1st floor of Villa Junghäll)

You can buy coffee, tea, refreshments and snacks from the kiosk. You can pay with MobilePay or cash. All products at the kiosk cost €1 or €2. Please be also prepared to pay in cash.

A grill is available below the terrace. Sausages on sale at Night Cafe, Thu-Sat from 21:00-23:00.


Talks at the main events are interpreted into Finnish / English in headphones.

KIDS PROGRAM (7-11 years)

Kids program in the school building Fri-Sat after the worship service at 10:00-12:30. Kids under school age can participate in the kids program with an adult.

Oppilaskunnan huone (Student Council Class, 1st floor) and the gym are reserved for the kids program. You may only enter the gym without shoes, or with indoor shoes. The gym is possibly also used for other activities (weather reservation).

The kids playroom (for children under school age, 2nd floor) is open all the time. Parents must supervise their children and the room must be left clean after playing.

YOUTH PROGRAM (12-18 years old)

Youth program in the main building's Lasis space Fri-Sat 13:30-15:30. Bring your own bible or an app suitable for reading it and clothing suitable for casual movement in the yard.

Young people have the opportunity to participate in the children's program in the morning as assistant instructors, if they wish. You can register for the position with Terhi Ranta-Ojala.


You can come to the 2nd floor of Villa Junghäll to get quiet and pray between 10  and 23 Leave your shoes downstairs.

KINGDOM PARTY (Sat 21:30-23:30 in Villa Junghäll)

Costume Party!! Craft your own crown or otherwise dress royally! Live DJs playing at the Kingdom Party.


Separate saunas for men and women on Friday and Saturday from 15:00 to 17:00.


WORKSHOPS (Fri & Sat at 11:15-12:30)

Workshop 1: Tent

Workshop 2: Lasis space of the main building

Workshop 3: Villa Junghäll


Possibility to play football, basketball and other yard games outside. There is also a frisbee golf course in the area, which is free for camp participants. Bring your own game equipment and frisbees!

Swimming is possible at the seaside, where there is a shallow children's sandy beach. Swimming at your own risk, there is no supervisor on the beach.

Dogs are only allowed to swim in a specially marked dog swimming area.

Possibility to rent sup-boards, canoes and kayaks, which are available Fri & Sat 15-17. Price 10 € / hour, paid on site (MobilePay). The reservation must be made by 27.6. with this form:


There are several trash cans in the camp area as well as water points and disposable cups. Bring your own drinking bottle and take care of hydration.

Summer Camp is alcohol and drug free.

Camp area should be quiet from 00:00 to 07:00

Fire doors located on different floors of the dormitory may only be opened in an emergency.

Swimming and other water activities at your own risk. There are streams in the sea, which are important to consider when swimming and doing water activities.

If there is a need for evacuation, the meeting place is at the flagpole in the middle of the garden.


First aid supplies can be found in the classroom on the 1st floor of the school building.

If necessary, contact the doctor on duty at the event / Mika Laitinen, 040-502 7062


There is an opportunity to get baptized on Sunday between 11:30 and 12:00. Contact Ari Puonti or Niina Saarikangas if baptism is relevant for you. If you would like to get baptized you should join in teaching session on Saturday at 16:30-17:00 


Tarja Parttimaa, registration and accommodation and meal tickets, tel. 050-520 3367
Ville Saarikangas, camp director, tel. 050-305 0273
Susanna Hammari, general affairs & kiosk, tel. 040-151 3262
Ari Puonti, pastor, tel. 040-595 4812
Niina Saarikangas, pastor, tel. 045-7838 4918
Terhi Ranta-ojala, pastor, director of the kids and youth program, tel. 040-169 3261

We reserve the right for changes.

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